The software is designed to control food production in the food service industry, including tracking the movement of ingredients and recording key parameters of prepared dishes.


It is designed to be used as part of a software-hardware complex equipped with sensors and devices that allow for the recording of essential parameters of each dish (weight, temperature, appearance, etc.). The software is intended for use by employees of public catering enterprises.


It provides automation of the following key processes.

  • Raw materials and materials management

  • Menu planning

  • Production tracking

  • Recording parameters of prepared dishes

  • Exporting data to external accounting systems
The "PHOTO CASH REGISTER" software is distributed pre-installed as part of software and hardware complexes supplied to catering establishments. Delivery, installation, and initial configuration of the "FoodBox" software are carried out taking into account the specific requirements of each individual catering establishment and the type of computing device included in the supplied software and hardware complex.
The cost of the software is determined by individual contracts.
Technical support and maintenance of the "FoodBox" software are provided by the developer company, Rest-Foto-Analytics Pte. Ltd.

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